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Parmesan salami

Parmesan salami

Experience the taste of Italy with our parmesan salami. Made with authentic parmesan cheese and seasoned to perfection, it's the perfect addition to your charcuterie board. Bite into a slice and savor the rich, tangy flavor that only comes from years of Italian tradition. Pair it with a bold red wine and some olives for a true taste of la dolce vita!

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Parmesan Salami



Australian Pork, Salt, Parmesan Cheese(milk)1.8%, Dextrose(Maize), Spices, Antioxidant(316), Sodium nitrate(250), Starter Culture, Fibrous casing.

Uncooked Comminuted Fermented

Contains dairy


Weight not less than 350g



                                               NUTRITION INFORMATION

Servings per package: 8

Serving size: 50

                                       Avg QTY                          Avg QTY 

                                      PER SERVE                      PER 100g

ENERGY(kJ)                         969kJ                            1938kJ
PROTEIN(g)                         13.5g                              26.9g
FAT(Total)(g)                        19.6g                             39.2g
SUGAR(g)                             0.2g                               0.5g
CARBOHYDRATE(g)                0.5g                              1.1g
SODIUM(mg)                      808mg                         1615mg
SATURATED                          8.1g                             16.2g



Storage condionts: Meat store Below 5°C

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