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About us

The owners of Salami Shack have had many years experience with gourmet food and wine, and are well experienced to choose only the best salamis and mettwursts from selected manufacturers located in and around the Barossa Valley in South Australia. Many of these family businesses are generations old, with the family recipes still being as closely guarded today as they were when their forebears emigrated from Europe.

All salamis and mettwursts sold by Salami Shack are made to the highest standards in commercial facilities, and comply with all regulatory authorities, Australia wide. Importantly, none of these small family operations are large enough to buy frozen container loads of imported meat, so you are only going to receive Australian grown meat in your salami and mettwurst from any of our Salami Shack stalls and outlets. Equally important is the fact that these family businesses stick to time honoured traditional recipes, and do not add any fillers or extenders to their salamis and mettwursts, hence guaranteeing the gluten free status of all Salami Shack products.

Please have a look around our website and read about the various salamis and mettwursts on offer. As we add to the range from time to time, we will be updating the taste test information, and other details about our products. An important part of our website is the "How to Find Us" link - this will be updated frequently to tell you where we are each week, so you can come and buy you gourmet supplies.

Savour the delicate tastes and embrace the delights of the slow food movement with Salami Shack mettwursts and salamis.

We bring you the tradition of fine food to share with family and friends.


As with the traditional salami and mettwurst making traditions, all our products are "shelf stable" which means they do not need to be refrigerated on display. Care needs to be taken with your mettwurst or salami to ensure maximum flavour, however... Please do not leave your salami or mettwurst in a locked car while you complete the rest of your morning's purchases - salami will not survive the super heated interior of a locked car. When you get your salami home and open the cryovac, please remove the plastic cryovac altogether, and under no circumstances should you wrap in cling wrap. A salami or mettwurst is best kept in a brown paper bag (a mushroom bag, or a wine bottle bag) then please put the brown paper bag with salami inside into a sealed plastic container. The paper bag, being porous, will stop the chance of the product sweating, and the plastic container will stop the premature dehydration caused by the refrigerator (think how a half tomato looks after a day or two in the fridge).