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Plain Mettwursrt

Plain Mettwursrt

Special classic taste, safe for children (no spices)


Plain Mettwurst




Beef, Pork, Salt, Sugar, Spices, Stabiliser(450), Antioxidant(300,318), Sodium Nitrate(250), Starter Culture.

Weight not less than 350g



                                NUTRITION INFORMATION

                                AVERAGE                 AVERAGE
                           Qty. Per serving           Qty. Per 100g

ENERGY                       450kj                      980kj
PROTEIN                       9.8g                       19.6g
FAT(Total)                     5.2g                       10.4g
SATURATED                   2.4g                        4.8g
CARBOHYDRATE            2.4g                        4.8g
SODIUM                      610mg                   1220mg


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