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Chilli Coated Mettwurst

Chilli Coated Mettwurst

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Chilli Coated Mettwurst


Pork & Beef,salt,sugar,selected spices,mineral salt(450),GOL(575),sodium nitrate(250),garlic,starter culture

Weight not less than 300g

                                 NUTRITION INFORMATION

                                AVERAGE                 AVERAGE
                           Qty. Per serving           Qty. Per 100g

ENERGY                        375kj                     1,173kj
PROTEIN                        6.5g                       20.53g
FAT(Total)                      6.64g                     20.47g
POTASIUM                     70Mmg                  322mg
CARBOHYDRATE             3.6g                        8.47g
SODIUM                       417mg                   1,372mg

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